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Allure AirBall is a classic Breakout remake where you break blocks with a ball.

EXE files: install from desktop using ActiveSync
CAB files: copy to handheld and tap to install
System requirements: PocketPC 2003/2003 SE, or Windows Mobile 5.0

Allure AirBall is a classic Breakout remake where you break blocks with a ball.
download EXE
Allure AirBall is a classic Breakout remake where you break blocks with a ball.
download CAB

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In Allure AirBall, you begin the game by launching a ball into a set of bricks, trying to destroy them.
Bricks need one, two or three hits to be destroyed, depending on the type of the brick.
Avoid losing a ball when it falls down after bouncing it with the moving platform.
Losing a ball means losing a life. When all bricks that can be destroyed are destroyed, you move to the next level.

With Allure AirBall by Intorine, you get the following great features:

  • Different Level Databases
    7 level databases with dozens of levels, for beginners and advanced players
  • Three Difficulty Levels
    Easy, Medium, Hard - choose the suitable one!
  • 11 Types of Bonuses
    Good bonuses add extra score or simplify the game, while evil bonuses make the game more challenging. Beware!
  • 12 Types of Bricks
    Some are really hard to destroy!
  • Online High Score Table
    Submit your scores online and compete with other players all over the world!
  • Original Music and Sounds
  • Perfect Graphics
  • Adjustable Game Controls

Compatible with Pocket PC 2003 / 2003 SE / Windows Mobile 5 powered devices

Bonus Types
Extra Ball Bonus
The second ball appears on the screen. This bonus lasts until you lose a life.
Blast Bonus
Once taken, causes a blast of random size that destroys part of the existing brick structure. Note that bonus bricks may be destroyed as well.
Avoid this by all means. Taking it causes losing life instantly.
Cannon Bonus
A cannon appears on your platform. Now you can shoot (using the hotkey assigned in Settings) and destroy bricks.
Extra Life Bonus
Grants you an extra life.
FireBall bonus
For a short time, your ball becomes charged with fire and instantly destroys every brick on its way.
Level Freeze
Freezes all bricks for a limited time, so they cannot be destroyed. Level Freeze also instantly deactivates FireBall bonus provided it was active.
Hard Floor Bonus
For a limited time, floor can bounce the ball just like your platform does. The picture of the floor changes to a brick texture. Be careful: soon the floor returns to its original state!
Platform Extension Bonus
Makes your platform wider, until you lose a life.
Extra Score Bonus
Adds 150 to your current score.
Magnetic Sticker Bonus
Adds a magnet to the platform. Every time the ball touches the platform, it gets stuck to it until you press the Launch Ball hotkey.
Lightning appears spontaneously and slowly moves from the top of the screen to its bottom. It does not affect the bricks or bonuses, but if it strikes your platform, you lose a life. Yes, it's that simple.
Brick Types
Releases a random bonus when hit. Requires 1 hit to be destroyed.
Requires 3 hits to be destroyed.

Require 2 hits to be destroyed.

Require 1 hit to be destroyed.
Unbreakable brick. When all bricks of other types are destroyed, you pass to the next level regardless of the number of unbreakable bricks left on the screen.
Tap the Menu Button to return to the Main Menu. The current game immediately pauses. You can get back to the game by pressing the Resume Game button that appears in the Main Menu.
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